Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 14: Young Woman Works Each Day to Support Her Brothers and Sisters

I recorded the conference sessions on my iPod so my companion and I have been listening to the talks almost daily.

The things our son doesn't tell us (found on Elder V's mission blog):

"Another crazy story I forgot to tell you about is that before the Saturday session of conference, in the morning we went hiking in this hill near our area, we took pictures and we decided to go down the hill a different way, so we started our descent and it is beautiful in the forest. So we get near the bottom of the hill and come out to a clearing where there is a warehouse and a house fenced in by an electric fence. Then 4 dogs came running out and start barking like crazy and want to rip us apart, but then we start circling the perimeter looking for a way out, and we see this armed guard with a shotgun come walking toward us, and as he is walking toward us he loads the shotgun and cocks it and yells "who are you!?" and we put our hands up and yell "we're missionaries!" and then he starts going off about why we are trespassing in a private property, and because of that he has the right to shoot us, etc. And we are just yelling "we are looking for a way out!" Haha it was scary and funny at the same time. Then finally the man showed us the way out. We hurried home, got ready, studied and then went to conference. I will always remember that incident when I watch conference now."

Well as far as your questions go, my investigators are doing so so depending on the day. One family is struggling health wise which is heart breaking. I gave the father a blessing, the first blessing I have ever given actually, but in it I just said that the pain and suffering he felt would be but a moment and then I talked about his family. I don't know, it was different and a little sad because of how much pain they are in.

We met with one young woman. We had contacted her maybe four weeks prior and now finally caught her when she was home. Luckily we had a member (from the congregation) with us at the time, which allowed us to enter the house. From conversations with her younger siblings in the past we had come to learn that all six of them were living together and struggling to make ends meet. Just one year prior both their mother and father had passed away due to illness. With this knowledge in mind we taught the young woman lesson two and focused on families lasting forever and what happens to us after death. I was able to address her parent’s death directly and I told her that I knew they were proud of her for working each day to support her brothers and sisters. We asked her to be baptized once she came to know our church was true and she agreed to be. We hope to set a date for her baptism next time but for now we are focusing on encouraging her to attend church.

Today for preparation day we are going to watch “Meet the Mormons" in Spanish, so that should be pretty fun. I already saw it in English in the CCM/MTC so yeah.

Thanks for your prayers,

Elder Perez
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