Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 13: General Conference!!

What powerful messages we received at conference this weekend. I really felt that my questions had been answered and that I can really focus on working on what is essential in missionary service. 
Saturday General Conference Preparation
vs Sunday General Conference preparation
Cool festival they did here Friday (to celebrate "Semana Santa" or Holy Week) where they put sawdust on the ground and dye it other colors as well as decorate it so that a procession of Christ has a path to walk on for the three days Christ was in the tomb. With this last week being Semana Santa many of our new and progressing investigators as well as members of our ward were out of town, so the week was a little slow on numbers. But we none the less had several great experiences where we felt the protecting as well as aiding hand of the Lord. One such experience was our run in with a very angry man on the street. He spoke very bitterly to us in English telling us to leave and that we were interrupting his conversation. Ironically enough we had not even approached the man nor had we attempted to talk with him at all. We were merely talking to a neighbor of his while he was across the street speaking very harshly to his family. My very wise companion spoke up saying that we would comply but that we had a message for him and his family. He gave all the women of the family a pass-along card and did not give into the intimidation this man was trying to inflict. Truly Elder S. was guided in that situation. As for appointments and lessons, we did have success throughout the week with some new people and families to teach. We shared videos about Christ, and even tracted into families who were relaxing for the week. All in all it was a rewarding Easter week and I am pleased with the progress that is happening here.

Thanks for everything,
Elder Perez
In Guatemala, there is a special emphasis on natural art, specifically sawdust rugs or alfombras. Mass amounts of sawdust is dyed into a variety of vibrant colors. Using large stencils, the sawdust is intricately arranged on city streets during Semana Santa to blanket the path of the regular processions.
Why the Scary Outfits?
The “Nazarenos” or “Penitentes” may initially catch Americans off guard, as their costumes resemble those worn by the Ku Klux Klan.The reasoning for wearing these costumes is completely different than that of the KKK. The Penitentes are seeking forgiveness for their sins, and the shape of the capirotes signify their penance and yearning to be closer to the heavens. They hide their identities as they mourn the pain and suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross. On Easter Sunday, each person removes his capirote in jubilation of Jesus's resurrection from the dead.
The Procession of Christ
Christ is represented lying in a glass box.

Women carry a float that commemorates Mary, the mother of Jesus. They willingly carry the burden of this float to symbolically share in Christ’s day of suffering.
Hey, are you OK?
It's just Elder S. taking advantage of a good photo op.
Aloe Vera Anyone!?

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