Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 9: The Mission Work is Great and I Honestly Love It!

The mission work is great and I honestly love it! I have my ups and downs as anyone does, but I really do love and care about the people I serve. Any real hardship I experience is usually brought on by my not doing something I should. For instance, we have a lot of bugs in our house all the time and I know that I will get eaten alive if I don’t put on repellent at night, but I always go straight to bed thinking that I will be fine. So, now I am covered in bug bites and I constantly have to resist the urge to scratch my arms. 

I am super poor by US standards. It is so weird to me because I get a monthly allowance of like 300 US dollars or so, but the US dollar is worth so much more here that it’s like I have a lot more money than I actually get. For instance, I only had 800 quetzals last month to spend after housing, which is almost 105 US dollars, yet I was still able to buy everything I needed plus still have extra money for snacks and treats.

The living circumstances of the majority of the people we teach and meet depends on where we are working. Some houses are very nice and others are more like shacks. They have dirt floors and just the basic necessities. It is very humbling living here in Alameda and I really care about those I am teaching.

Yesterday we were teaching my very favorite family, The Hernandez family. They are sooooooo loving and always feed us. But even better than that, they really want to learn the gospel and change for the better. So yesterday I taught them about prayer, how we pray and how God answers prayers. We could really feel the spirit there and everyone understood that the Holy Ghost was testifying of the truth of this message. I was so happy for them and we reminded them that once they come to know that this church is true we would like them to be baptized. It was a great night.

You asked if anything funny happened this week. Oh, you should know, every day is a funny day with me. Me and my companion are always laughing and joking around, but when it is time to work we really get down to business and work. We have a grand old time and we are really good friends.

I hope you all have a great week!

Lots of love,
Elder Perez
 Elder Perez keeps his 2 year old nephew's "Umizoomi" car close. 
It means a lot to Brenden that his nephew gave him his favorite car as a goodbye present.

Elder Perez with his missionary zone
Elder Perez's nephew loves seeing pictures of the 
"Umizoomi" car he gave his uncle as a goodbye 
present before he left on his mission.

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