Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 11: "Cool, White guys, Hey Come to Our House, You're Funny Looking."

My stomach began to feel worse after I sent my email last week. I was pretty sick the first three days of the week and was unable to aid my companion with a few visits. I asked around and found out that what I had was just the flu. I am a 100 percent better now. The few times my companion and I were able to go out together we saw amazing results. One such evening we were up on a hill right at dusk and all our appointments had fallen through. We were approached by a few little kids who actually have our same last name of Perez. They saw us and were like, cool, white guys, hey come to our house, your funny looking. We accepted their invitation and their family was very welcoming. We were able to teach them a lesson which went well! Experiences like this give me hope. I look forward to seeing this family progress. 

Elder Neil L. Anderson - Apostle
Wednesday, Elder Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came and spoke to us. It was amazing to see someone so important in the church up close. The weight and mantle of such a calling is clearly evident. I learned some very wonderful truths from his talk.

You asked what service we were able to give. Well, I was sick for a good part of the week so as far as service goes my companion Elder Sargent helped a ton of people. They were just little acts of service like helping someone paint or helping someone carry water. Elder S. is good about that stuff. I try and follow his example but he usually beats me to the act.

The ward/congregation we serve in is a good size. There are usually about 140 people who attend every week. There is a good mix of families and individuals who attend. We do not have a pianist in our ward and the Bishop has asked me to play for them, which I did once, but regretfully I do not have the time to practice the piano as of late. I feel like hymns are sacred and should be played properly. 

In general all the Guatemalans like to talk about God. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming to us and they ask us where we are from and many other questions. Many are really grateful for our messages. Our investigators (the people who we are sharing the gospel with) are very cool! We have three very promising investigators. One has a fetcha/date for baptism. Really, an investigator’s growth is all about the investigator and not at all about us. For instance, the investigator with the baptismal date, L...., reads and studies everything we give him and is a very self-driven man with so much potential. Along with attending church with us weekly he also attends Alcoholics Anonymous daily! He has been attending for many years and still attends because he believes in the AA program and says that he owes a great deal to them. He is actively doing things to grow and has been living the word of wisdom as well as the other commandments long before he knew they were commandments! 

Thank you all for your continued love and support.

Elder Perez
Elder Perez and Elder P.
Elder Perez and Elder E.
Elder E. & Elder Perez where in the Guatemala Missionary Training Center. He is the missionary that whistled the Batman theme when Elder Perez walked by.
L-R: Elder Perez, Elder ?, Elder N. & Elder K. (Brenden met them at PDX airport & they flew to Guatemala together. Elder N. was Brenden's MTC companion.), Elder ?

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