Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 10: How lifting weights for 5 minutes opened the door to future missionary work.

The work is really growing in Alameda. We have been busy all week contacting 15 new investigators. Some are very promising. We have had a few interesting encounters with some non-member youth around here. The funniest thing happened one evening while we were helping a man move some stuff to another house. Some youth stopped the man to ask him about some weights he was carrying. We came over and the oldest youth, who I could tell was a little buzzed, told me to start working out with the weights. I did for about 5 minutes and all the guys laughed and then went their own way. Now when we run into them throughout the day they smile and say good day. I am glad that the situation turned out well and we hope to invite these youth to learn more about the church.

The weeks are starting to go by faster and faster. This week has been a great blessing and I continue to see just how important this work is. My companion and I are starting to discuss doctrine and opinions at night. We differ in opinion in some areas and have had to agree to disagree on those points, but this experience has really helped me come to see that everyone’s opinion is important. Elder S. and I are actually getting to know each other a lot better because of these discussions. 

Last Thursday Elder S. and I went on splits with our zone leaders. One of the zone leaders stayed in our area with Elder Sargent and I went with the other zone leader to work in their area. Our zone leaders are both on fire. I learned a lot in just that one day I served in their area. The most spiritual experience I had this week happened that evening. My zone leader and I were walking when we spotted a couple that was talking out on the street. We stopped and shared a short lesson with them. The boy was very interested in our message and we actually found out that the girl was an inactive member. The girl even said that she wanted to start coming to church again but just didn't want to go alone. It was great. 

On Sunday I became a little sick and was nervous that it might become something serious, but I have been diligent about taking my medicine and vitamins and am happy to say that I have recovered.  Yes, I have also been more diligent with the bug spray and have actually been using a fan to keep the mosquitoes off of me at night.

Tell Grant that Umi car and I are trying to go so fast everywhere here in Alameda. There is even a big hill we run up almost every day and you can see a giant volcano from there!

Talk to you all next week,

Elder Perez
The side view of the hill Elder Perez and Elder S. 
run up everyday.
Pacaya volcano - the last activity reported has been the eruption that peaked on May 27, 2010, causing ash to rain down in Guatemala City, Antigua and Escuintla.

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