Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 7: We haven't had any doors slammed in our face!

What a first week in the field! It has been both a challenge and a blessing. I am learning so much from all the conversations I have. Also, the cultural differences between our countries are very interesting. Many celebrate several of the Catholic holidays and it is very common to run into someone of the Evangelical faith. I see it as a good sign. These people have a religious background and a firm belief in God and Christ. So, really they are being prepared to hear the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel very blessed to have been sent to this place for my first area.
Some Guatemalan's in traditional colorful outfits. 
(Elder Perez did not send pictures this week) 
As far as lessons go I feel pretty confident. We have taught a few families and one preacher of a different faith. All have gone well and in general I have understood what has been said and have been able to add my thoughts and testimony to the lessons. The only difficulty I have had is when someone talks fast or for more than five minutes at a time. We ran into a very devout women of the Evangelical faith and she talked for almost ten minutes without stopping. I had trouble following the entire conversation and I could tell she was not interested in knowing more about our faith, but I gathered that she believed in Christ and had a very strong testimony of the power of God. She had had a very bad surgery of sorts and it had endangered her life, but she pulled through and gives credit to God. This is all very good, and I would rather meet people who are strong in their faith all day than get doors slammed in my face, which has not happened as of yet.
So much more has happened. I wish I could tell you every little detail but time is short. 

Until next week,
Elder Perez

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