Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 5: Great Opportunity to Proselyte While at the Guatemala City Market!

Dear family and friends,

This is the last email I will be writing you all while here in the CCM (MTC). Hopefully I can write properly, as of this week my English has been lacking, which is probably a good sign. So much has happened these last seven days, I don't even know where to begin!
Guatemala City's Town Market
2nd from left: Elder Brenden Perez
I guess I will start with the best. Our district went out at the beginning of the week to Guatemala's town square and market. I brought a little money but didn't end up buying anything except for some strawberry sticks with cream in the middle. They are one of the best candies, and I am sure Lauren remembers how I would always buy these candies while we were in Spain. Anyway, after shopping at the market we went to the square and were told to go talk to people and pass out cards and books of Mormon. I was very excited to do this, my companion Elder N. was pretty nervous though. We talked to one man about God in general and about his family, but he was not interested in learning about the church. After that Elder N. suggested we pray together and ask for guidance. We did so and right after found a very nice lady who was interested. We gave her a Book of Mormon and told her how to get in contact with the missionaries near her if she wanted to know more. We walked around some more looking for someone to talk to and then I noticed a man in a red shirt looking our way. I turned to my companion and he said, "How about that guy?" We walked his way, but we only got three or four steps before someone called out, "Elders!!" We turned to see a lady calling us over to the other side of the square. She was a member who had been talking with a man named Arturo. Arturo had been asking her why so many white Americans in suits and dresses were walking around and she in return called us over. We had a great talk, and although I did not understand everything he said to me I was able to testify about the Book of Mormon and share a scripture in Mosiah. It was a great day and I really enjoyed the opportunity.
Far Left: Elder Perez
Back Row 2nd from Left: Elder Perez
Elder Brenden Perez backing up the missionaries.
I have had such success with the language and I really feel blessed. Hermano A., our teacher, challenged us once again to only speak and read in Spanish for these last few days we have. I have kept at it and it has really benefited me. All the Latinos I talk with help me with difficult words and I can understand almost everything everyone is saying. I have also been able to play the piano more often during meals and I have really felt closer to God as I do so. All the Elders really enjoy the music and many have asked me to teach them how to play. So far I have been able to explain the keys and how to find middle C on the piano every time. I hope I can help them out and maybe teach them a hymn or two before I leave.

I love the weather here and the people. The clouds and the beams of sun that shine through them are a breath taking sight. Remember I told you that we have not been allowed to use our cameras while we are in the CCM. Well, they have allowed us to take our cameras with us a few times when we have gone on district outings, and then we give our cameras back to our teachers. I will send you all more pictures when I get my camera back. These pictures are from the last 5 weeks here including when we were at the town square.

I am glad to hear from you all, keep working hard and growing your talents.

Best Regards,
Elder Perez

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