Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 4: Trials Bring Growth & Charity Never Faileth

Dear Friends and Family,

It has been a sad last few days here for most of my knew found friends. With their training coming to a close they all seem a little sad to go.I wish we all could serve in the same areas because feelings of brotherhood have really grown between all of us. Of course we are all excited for these fine men and women to go out and serve, as are they, but each time a group of Latino missionaries leaves we remaining English Elders and Sisters realize how things are not quite the same without them.

Missionaries in the CCM 
(Missionary Training Center) 
3rd row L-R, 6th missionary: Elder Perez
1st Row, center: CCM President Thomas Cox  & his wife Sister Rebecca Eugene
Besides these farewells the week has really gone by fast for me. I was a little sick for half of the week, but I have made a speedy recovery and am nearly back to the picture of health. The nurse here has taken good care of me and all the medication I need is on hand. Luckily those Latino missionaries have been great friends to me and have really pulled me through this and other challenges, which is why it will be so hard to see them go.

My companion, Elder N., and I have picked up two new investigators for “real play” (role play). This would make four investigators in total, but unfortunately one of our Latina investigators dropped us (stopped wanting to hear our gospel discussions). Even though it was not real, and it gives us practice and experience, we both took it pretty hard. I had been less attentive and sensitive to the Spirit during these lessons due to my illness. Still, we both wished we had done more and it was a good learning experience for us. I can only imagine how hard it may be in a real situation in the field. I never want to leave someone with doubt in my heart. I will work hard so that I can say that I did everything in my power to teach according to the spirit.

I find my English is already slipping and I will often mix my Spanish words with English together. I can only imagine how my English will change later on in my mission, not to mention by the time I return home!

I heard about mom's health? I am keeping you in my prayers and hope you will make a quick recovery. I am happy to hear that you all are helping out with everything and it gives me great comfort to know that mom is being taken such good care of. It seems as though when we are the most vulnerable that the Lord comes prepared to pick us up. I know that both dad and Krysten have been the Lords hands in this case. Keep it up and take time to continue to grow together. The one regret I feel now is how little I told and showed how much I care. You don't know what you have or how good you have it till it's gone.
Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon.
Both testify of Jesus Christ

As for the rest of this week, all has gone very well and just yesterday I had the opportunity to lead my district in a discussion on charity. This was very important for us because, as of late, we have had little patience with each other. It is amazing to me how Heavenly Father brought us all together. Some of us come from vastly different backgrounds and some with such similar ones. Not only that, the life experiences we all have are so unique, but somehow we are together now and are meant to teach and support one another. We discussed the scriptures found in Moroni chapter 7,  in The Book of Mormon, regarding charity and how it is the pure love of Christ. I commented to the group of English missionaries that love is one of the first languages we learn as children, if we cannot love each other and we share at least the same cultural background, then how will we be able to love and teach these children of God here in Guatemala. All in all I feel as if we are now moving in the right direction and I am hopeful for this next week.

Thank you all for your continued love and support. I have felt the aid of your prayers in my behalf. Hope all is going well back home and remember how lucky we are to have lived in such a blessed country.

With love,

Elder Perez

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