Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week 2: I gave My 1st Sacrament Meeting Talk in Spanish!

I have been so blessed by the Lord. The friends I have made here are one of a kind, and all (Latino and English alike) have taught me so much. As I said last week, a few of the Elders call me "Batman" due to the night socks my sisters gave me. One Elder in particular, Elder E. always greeted me with a big smile while whistling the Batman theme song. I began calling him “Robin”.

I have been teaching several lessons with my companion in Spanish and I feel like they have gone well. Similar to the Provo MTC, we practice our discussions through role-play. Usually one of our teachers takes on the role of someone who does not know much about the church, an "investigator".  Here is the thing though; every role these teachers play is based on an actual person, a friend they know, or someone they have taught with a story. This makes teaching them all the more powerful. I had the opportunity to role-play the investigator for the class. I took on the character of my best friend at home and answered the questions posed to me, as I thought he would. The class watched the lesson and evaluated how we did. One Sister commented, whoever this guy is he is pretty smart, we will have to teach him the gospel with facts as well as with the spirit. I was glad that I was able to show my friends personality and nature to the class correctly. It really was a great experience for me.

I gave my first talk in Spanish last Sunday on the subject of baptism (specifically, Mosiah chapter 18 verses 8 through 10 in the Book of Mormon). I was really nervous because I was not sure whether or not I would be called on to speak. All the English Elders and Sisters are asked to prepare a talk in Spanish, then after the sacrament is passed, they call only 4 of us up to share our talk at the pulpit. I was one of the tributes of that day. Everyone said I did fine so I will assume I taught what I had planned.

Today all the Latino Elders left the Centro de CapacitaciĆ³n Misional - CCM/Missionary Training Center - MTC). The entire CCM was empty except for 24 of us English Elders and Sister Missionaries. This is the only day we will be without Latinos. Tomorrow we will get at least 65 or so Latino missionaries. It was sad to see all my new found friends leave, but we exchanged emails and we will keep in touch throughout the mission. I gave Elder E. one of the two pairs of Batman and Robin socks I own. He replied in English, “Friends forever Elder Perez, friends forever”.

This morning I was able to go through a session in the Guatemala City Temple. It was beautiful. The local temple workers were very kind and loving. I am really feeling true love and care for the Guatemalan people and their language.

I pray for you all and wish everyone the best while I am away. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Nos Vemos,
Elder Perez

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