Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Goodbyes to Elder Perez at PDX Airport

Phew! We got him to the airport 2 1/2 hours early. His mission travel plans did not specify if he would be traveling with someone. We assumed he would travel alone to California and hopefully meet up with other missionaries there before flying to Guatemala.
Mom, Elder Perez & Dad
There were three sets of relieved parents at PDX when we discovered that two other young men that looked like missionaries, were actually missionaries. We were excited to find out that all three of them were not only going to Guatemala, but they were all going to be serving in the same mission!
Elder Perez, Elder K. & Elder N. What a handsome trio (:

Already practicing handing out El Libro de Mormon.
Having fun (:
Brother in law, nephew (daddy's shoulders), Sis, Niece (mama's arms), 
Elder Perez, Sis, Mom & Dad
What dedicated sisters Elder Perez has; his older sister's children were ill with a bad chest cold and younger sister was very ill with a stomach flu.
Ohhh, too cute. Elder Perez's nephew love him.
Uncle Elder Perez with his adorable niece.

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