Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 1: Guatemala Missionary Training Center

This has been a very exciting first week! I am one of ten English Elders in the Guatemala MTC. There are six elders and four sister missionaries in my district. My companion is Elder N. (no relation to Russell M Nelson). He is a very funny and intelligent guy. It is a little hard to relate to some of the other Elders since most of them came here straight out of high school, but in general we all get along fairly well.

My first day here was very long and confusing, mostly because there was no set structure for us for a few hours. I was able to make the best of it though. I was surprised to find that speaking Spanish became second nature often when speaking with the Latino Elders. Tell Grandma Perez that the facilities here are very nice and that everything looks very new including the beds. My bed is comfy, the food is delicious and the weather is divine.

The Guatemala City Temple is closed for the next two weeks. Starting my 3rd week I will be going to the temple on my preparation days (p-days), which is Wednesday. The temple is a twin temple to the Boise, Idaho Temple. It is very beautiful. 
Top Row L to R: Elder K., ?, Elder Perez, Elder N. (Perez's Companion),..?,?... with his English District in front of the Guatemala City Temple.
3rd from the Left: Elder Perez
I have been given the nickname “Batman” by a few of the Latinos due to those Batman and Robin socks my sisters gave me for Christmas. I wear them every night and everyone loves them. Several Elders want a pair for themselves!
Batman & Robin socks Brenden's Sisters gave him for Christmas earned him the nickname "Batman"
One of the best experiences happened on my third day here. We had already been teaching discussions in Spanish to our teachers, with much struggle I might add, when we were all promised that our Spanish would greatly improve as we spoke all the Spanish that we could each day, and as we asked for their aid in teaching. Following this, I began to really make an effort to speak Spanish at each meal with the other Elders and I have seen a great improvement in the way I teach!

Thank you all for your letters, prayers, and love. I truly feel blessed here.

Con amor,
Elder Perez

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