Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Arrived at the Guatemala Missionary Training Center

Dear family,

I have arrived at the Guatemalan MTC and have begun my training. The people here are all very friendly and I've already made quick friends with a few of the Latino Elders. Although there are several times I feel lost during conversation or while attempting to reply, I know that the Spirit which teaches the truth of all things, will help me teach and carry all I need to say in the future. One thing to tell you guys, while I am in the MTC our "P-day" is Wednesday right now and not the regular Monday,  but that may change so it is best if you email me on Sundays for the next 42 days (6 weeks) or so. I am sorry to say that for these next 6 weeks in the MTC we are not allowed to take pictures with our cameras except on rare occasions, but I know that the lord will bless me for my obedience. I love you all very much and I pray for each of you.

Abrasos y Besos,
Elder Perez
Guatemala Missionary Training Center
All the missionaries in the CCM 
(Missionary Training Center)
Middle row L-R, 2nd missionary: Elder Perez
1st Row, center: CCM President Thomas Cox & his wife Sister Rebecca Eugene

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